• Brief Introduction of Mr. Zhoulin

    Brief Introduction of Mr. ZhoulinWhen someone mentions about Bio-spectrum Treatment Device, it's un-evitable that he will think of Mr. Zhou, the inventor of the device. Now, more than 500,000 families and ten thousand hospitals in tens of countries and districts are benefiting from Mr. Zhou Lin's invention.The leader of Zhoulin Bio-spectrum Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhou Lin, is a national outstanding expert, representative of the 7th and 8th National People's Congress of China and d

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  • Company Milestones

    Year EventIn 1985Mr. Zhou Lin won the gold medal of WIPO, international invention prizes and China national invention prize.In 1986Mr. Zhou Lin received the Special Prize of Belgian Medical Minister, the First-rate Knight Medal, the Special Prize of Spanish King Karlos, and 7 other international prizes.In 1987Mr. Zhou Lin was awarded “National Young Export with Outstanding Contribution” and appraised as a senior engineer. In 1988Mr. Zhou Lin was elected as deputy to the NPC. In 1989Chinese Med

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    Zhoulin Bio-Spectrum Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that applies research in bio-spectrum technology to the benefit of human health. Over the past three decades, Zhoulin Bio-spectrum has become a leading and trusted brand in China’s healthcare and rehabilitation circles. Founded by Mr. Zhoulin, Zhoulin Bio-Spectrum has received extensive accolades and made great achievements. Most recent milestones include becoming the official sponsorship of the 2008 Paralympic Game

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