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The bio-spectrum Technology Sauna(BST Sauna) is an innovative product of Zhoulin Bio-spectrum Technology Co. Ltd. It integrates the advantages of both the bio-spectrum healthcare and a traditional sauna.


The bio-spectrum Technology Sauna(BST Sauna) is able to generate a simulative field environment to that of the human body irradiation. The BST Sauna irradiation, which is proven safe and effective, can be optimally absorbed by the body to positively regulate bodily functions. It also has beneficial effects on the treatment of pains as well as health and beauty care.


The space saving room design allows the user, young or elderly, to comfortably and exclusively promote their health within our BST sauna.









Model Built-up Dimensions
Power /WPacking Size(mm)L*W*HCarton No. Timer
Temp(℃)Gross weight


(For 2 persons)

920*1020*1831 2100








Three Functions of the BST sauna

※ Health care
※ Beauty care
※ Auxiliary Treatment


The BST sauna is ideal for the following users:

* People living in the fast-paced society (executives, managers, engineers, technicians, etc...)
For these people, health conditions can quickly deteriorate due to stress, lack of exercise, lack of rest, and unbalanced lifestyles. With a help of the BST sauna, one can effectively relieve stress and regain energy to maintain a healthy state.

* Women who want to retain or regain their beauty
It is human nature to love beauty. The pursuit of beauty, such as having smooth, tender, and resilient skin, can be achieved by frequent use of the BST sauna. It does so by revitalizing skin cells with the BST irradiation and excreting toxins from within the skin.

* Professional athletes and sports enthusiasts
The BST Sauna will help active individuals reach maximum potential with their body performances, It also helps athletes recover faster from muscle injury and fatigue.

* People who are unhappy with their weight
The BST Sauna is a convenient way to control weight to regain a slender figure.

* Those who may have problems with a common sauna
Even the old, juvenile,patients with chronic and latent diseases and people who are under recovery can take BST saunas without discomfort or danger which may occur in the common sauna.


Primary Benefits of the BST Sauna

► Improving micro-circulation
► Regulating the nervous system
► Enhancing the immunity function
► Enhancing cell recovery
► Strengthening functions of various body systems
► Relieving fatigue and replenishing energy
► Weight control
► Skin and beauty care

Comparison between BST Sauna and Common Sauna

BST Sauna

Common Sauna

Functionsauxiliary treatment, health care and beauty carehealth care, beauty care
Sourcebio-spectrum irradiationhot steam
Temperature Used(℃)40-60 70-120
Fresh Air Circulationallowednot allowed
Sauna Timeas you like(10-40min)short
Respiratory Organseasy to adaptstimulated
Depth of Penetrationdeepsurface
Sauna Costlowexpensive
Installationconvenientcomplex, difficult to move

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