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WS-311 Bio-spectrum Treatment Device

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 Characteristics of WS-311

  • New Generation Technology, Deeper Penetration


  • 360-degree Angle Free Adjustable, Accurate Irradiation


  • Elegant Design, Convenient Application


  • Low Power Consumption,Cost-saving

Major Clinical Cases of WS-311



Clinical Results


promote the blood circulation
accelerate absorption of inflammatory exudation
block the transmission of the pain message
Diminish inflammation, relieve spasm and pain, alleviate the symptoms
wound recovery

alleviate circulatory disturbance
regulate vegetative nerve function
accelerate metabolism

relieve pain, diminish inflammation, reduce swelling, decrease exudation, quicken wound healing
herpes zoster

improve immunity and microcirculation

ease pain, accelerate absorption of the herpes zoster and the scab formation

chronic gastritis

generate endo-thermal effect, activate the cells, revitalize the tissues, accelerate the cell growth, provide auxiliary therapeutic effect

shorten time of treatment and accelerate recovery when used with medicine

* Refer to the User's Manual for more diseases application  311说明1.jpg

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