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WS-111 Bio-spectrum Treatment Device

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WS-111 Bio-spectrum Treatment Device


The WS-111 Bio-Spectrum Treatment Devices are physiotherapeutic apparatuses of electromagnetic irradiation with wide spectrums, whose main energy zone is located at infrared band (major resource) and extends to microwave (very weak). The device affects parts or traditional Chinese acupoints of the body through direct irradiating, by which the beneficial physical and biological effects can be achieved and the function system of body can be adjusted, thus resulting in the effect of treatment.


The device consists of Irradiation generator assembly, Control box assembly (attached power wire) and Pole and chassis assembly, see the Fig.1

1.Irradiation generator assembly
2.Control box assembly
3.Pole and chassis assembly
4.Power wire





Bio-Spectrum Treatment Devices


Item Data
Power230 V ~, 50 Hz
Voltage ≤240 W
Timer scope0~60min
Useful life ≥5 years
Surface temperature of Irradiators ≥180℃
Classification of medical electrical equipment In-door I-B
Operation Conditions Environmental Temperature +10℃~+30℃
Size 642×452×140mm3
Net weight 9.5 kg


Medical Treatment Functions:

Promote the blood circulation; accelerate metabolism; regulate the nervo-humoral system; improve the immune function
Can be used as auxiliary therapy on the following disease (approved by SFDA and proved by extensive clinical applications and research carried out in China ):
Internal medicine: bronchitis; asthma; gastritis; ulcers; hepatitis; constipation; diarrhea;
Surgery:wound infection and healing;
Orthopaedics:soft tissue sprains; muscular pain; arthritis;
Skin disease:herpes zoster; eczema; dermatitis; burns; bedsore; frostbite;
Gynecology:pelvic inflammation;
Paediatrics:paediatric pneumonia; mumps;

Health Care Functions:
Elderly: Improve microcirculation and immunity; adjust nerve and incretion function, have the function of disease prevention and anti-decrepit
Women: Promote female hormone secrete, improve skin micro-circulation and have the function of beauty care.
Children: Improve immunity of children from disease, enhance the nutrition absorption and digest,
Young: Promote metabolism, replenish energy and relieve fatigue

 Bio-spectrum Treatment Mechanism

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