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    Bio-spectrum Treatment Mechanism Bio-spectrum device has a wide range of biological effects, which are summarized from the following aspects: 1. Effects on cellular chromosomes: After analyzing the chromosomes of bone marrow cells from mice receiving long-term BFS irradiation, scientists have demonstrated that long-term BFS irradiation has no effects on Chromosome deformation. Besides, they also made the study of irradiating the pregnant mice and then analyzing the chromosomes of b

  • Treatment&Healthcare ApplicationTreatment & Healthcare Application Medical Treatment Functions:


    Treatment Healthcare ApplicationMedical Treatment Functions:4 Major Bio-effects of BIO-SPECTRUM Technology* Promoting the blood circulation and dynamics, * Accelerating metabolism. * Regulating the nervo-humoral system, * Improving the immune function and effects BIO-SPECTRUM Technology-basedtreatment devicescan be used as auxiliary therapy for the following medical conditions:(approved by SFDA and proved by extensive clinical applications and research carried out in China)Interna

  • Bio-spectrum Technology Innovation Through over twenty years’ arduous exploration, BST has been exte


    Bio-spectrum Technology InnovationThrough over twenty years’ arduous exploration, BST has been extended from human body to those of plants, animal and microbes. The technique planing of BST of wide frequency band (from micrometer to millimeter), which is put forward by Zhoulin, has been authorized by American Patent Agency and European Patent Agency. Therapy and Apparatus Used for Regulating and Improving Organism Growth, Development and Living Status has got the patents of America

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