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Headache, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Sciatica-----(Cerebral and Nervous System Diseases)

Headache, Trigeminal  Neuralgia, Sciatica-----(Cerebral and Nervous System Diseases)

Irradiation with Bio-spectrum  Treatment Device + Acupuncture

Case study and  thesis 


Effect Analysis of Zhoulin Bio-Spectrum and Electric Motion on  Treating Postherpetic Neuralgia

Cui Yu
Department of  Acupuncture Physiotherapy, Second Affiliated Hospital, Zhengzhou  University

Purpose:  discuss the curative effect of Zhoulin bio-spectrum and electric motion on  treating postherpetic neuralgia.
The method: 30 patients with postherpetic  neuralgia are randomly divided into two groups, 14 cases in Zhoulin Bio-spectrum  group and 16 cases in the electric group. Result: the effective rate of Zhoulin  bio-spectrum group is 85.7%, and that of electric motion group is 87.5%, there  is no statistic differences between the effects of the two groups (P>0.05).  
Conclusion: Zhoulin bio-spectrum and electric motion on treating  postherpetic neuralgia can improve blood circulation, nourish nerve, eliminate  the nervous edema and inflammation, reduce sensory nerve excitability, and have  the function of relieving pain and repairing the damaged nerves.

Key  words: postherpetic neuralgia Zhoulin bio-spectrum electric motion treatment  

CLC Classification: R752.1+2
Document code: B
File:  1673-5110(2008)08-0118-01

Postherpetic neuralgia  is that 4-6 weeks later after the acute rash and lesions have healed, the area  dominated by the original involved nerve remains a persistent severe pain. 30  patients with postherpetic neuralgia in the experiment were treated by Zhoulin  bio-spectrum and electric motion and the curative effect is observed and  reported as follows:

1 Materials and  Methods

Observed subject: 30  patients with postherpetic neuralgia, diagnosed by dermatologists, 19 males and  11 females, aged 48-76 years old.

1.2 Observation method: use WS-101D  type of Zhoulin treatment device to irradiate the part of postherpetic  neuralgia, once a day, 30min each time, 10-15 days a course. Use HL-Y3 electric  motion treatment machine, which is multi-frequency computer program  prescription, frequency (50 ± 1) Hz, power 30W, while treatment, turn on the  switch to the treatment prescription. put two groups of electrodes after being  wiped with saline on the part of postherpetic neuralgia, pressure with the gauze  bag, adjust the electric current to the extend that patients can bear, 24min  each time, 1 times / d ,10-15d a course of treatment.

1.3 Evaluation of  effect: (1) recovery: local pain and associated symptoms disappeared. (2) marked  effect: local pain significantly reduced and the associated symptoms  significantly improved. (3) effect: local pain significantly improved and the  associated symptoms sometime get better and sometime get worse. (4) no effect:  local pain and the associated symptoms have no improvement.

1.4  Statistical comparison between groups using t test, P> 0.05, no statistic  meaning.

2 Results

See table 1
Table 1 the effect analysis of two methods of  treating postherpetic neuralgia cases (%) 




Marked effect


No effect 

Effective rate (%)

Zhoulin bio-spectrum


3 ( 21.4 )

5 ( 35.7 )

4 ( 28.6 )

2 ( 14.3 )


Electric motion


5 ( 31.2 )

3 ( 18.8 )

6 ( 37.5 )

2 ( 12.5 )


3  Discussion

Herpes zoster is caused by varicella - zoster virus infection,  neuralgia is one of the clinical features of this disease, herpes zoster may  occur in all ages, the severity of clinical symptoms will increase accordingly  with age, especially for the aged there were high incidence of postherpetic  neuralgia, which may last for several months even to several years [1].  According to statistics, 9% -34% of patients with herpes zoster may occur  postherpetic neuralgia, and the life quality of the severe one can be  significantly affected [2]. Patients may have sensory abnormalities, ongoing  pain and tactile allodynia which may last long duration and recover slowly [3].  Studies have reported that 32% of patients with herpes zoster, one month later  after rash healed, the herpes virus can still be detected [4]. The observation  showed that effective rate of zhoulin bio-spectrum was 85.7%, and that of  electric motion was 87.5%. After Statistic treatment, there was no significant  difference between the two groups (P> 0.05). The results showed that: Zhoulin  bio-spectrum and electric motion treating postherpetic neuralgia can improve  blood circulation, nourish nerve, eliminate the nervous edema and inflammation,  reduce sensory nerve excitability, and have the function of relieving pain and  repairing the damaged nerves.


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(Received 2008-05-10)

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