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Chronic Prostatitis-----(Urinary and Genital System Diseases)

Chronic Prostatitis-----(Urinary and Genital System Diseases)

Irradiated area: Acupoint area 8 and 12, Irradiated times and duration: twice daily, 30 min. each time


Case study and thesis


Treatment of Chronic Prostatitis By BFS

Li Jiqi, Yang Honggang
Department of Male, The 4th People's Hospital of Harbin

BFS is a high effective physical therapeutic apparatus with no side effect. From August,1992, we began to use BFS for the prostatitis treatment. The results are reported as follows


39 patients from 22 t0 63 years old (average 35. 6) were studied. They were all diagnosed to have chronic prostatitis because of their typical symptoms: lumbago, perinium pain, dysuria and fatigue, etc.

The sites with pain in lumbus, low extremities and perinum were irradiated by BFS about 30cm away, twice a day, 30 minutes for a time, lasting 4 weeks. The treated children must be looked after by their parents.


Criterion: Complete recovery: Symptoms completely disappeared. Prostate became normal in the physical examination.
High response: Symptoms almost disappeared. Prostate recovered obviously in the examination.
Response: Symptoms and signs improved partly.
No effect: No improvement.
Results: After irradiation for 4 weeks, 9 of the studied 39 cases recovered (23. 08%), 14/39 (35. 90%) had high response, 11/39 (28. 2%) had response 9 and 5 cases had no effect. The total rate of effectiveness was 87.18%.

Discussion and Conclusion

BFS is manufactured by Yunnan Biomedical Engineering Institute, which is based on the theory of human biological frequency spectrum. This theory believes that human body can produce electric field, thermal field and light effect field with different frequencies. These parameters of frequency and spectrum are totally named as bio frequency spectrum. If the frequency and spectrum in the external physical field are the same as the human intrinsic frequency and spectrum, the resonance will occur. This resonance can make body produce thermogenesis and regulate bioelectric field, which is able to improve the cell membrane permeability and growth state, regulate the functions of vascular and nervous systems and increase the resistance of immune system. According to the above theory, the mechanism of BFS to treat diseases is just through its adopting the wide band electric-magnetic wave technology and biological feed-back method. It has been demonstrated that BFS can improve blood circulation, regulate nervous and endocrine systems and increase body immune functions. Chronic prostatitis has congestation of prostate and autoimmune reaction. Therefore, it is based on the above theory that BFS cure the chronic prostatitis.

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