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Osteoarthritis-----(Musculoskeletal Dpartment)

Osteoarthritis-----(Musculoskeletal Dpartment)  

Irradiated  area: affected area
Irradiated times and duration: twice daily, 40 min. each  time


Case study and  thesis 


Efficacy Analysis of Two  Spectrum Treatment Devices on Degenerative Osteoarthropathy
Tian Yongsheng,  Huang Zuyong

[Article ID] 1672-8270  (2009) 01-0045-03
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Author  IntroductionTian Yongsheng, male (1955 -), Director of Fujian Biomedical  Engineering Association, doctor-in-charge of Physiotherapy Department, Fujian  Geriatric Hospital, engaged in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Purpose: Degenerative osteoarthritis is a common occurrence of the disease  in the elderly, has almost become one of the characteristics of the elderly. The  torture of the disease make the life quality of the elderly decreased,  therefore, so that the research and exploration of sports of the elderly  supporting the recovery of organism diseases meet the developing trends of  China’s aging population, in line with the characteristics of the dysfunction of  the elderly as well as the growing demand for rehabilitation and health care.  
Methods: this article summarized that WS-multifunction bio-spectrum  treatment device and specific electromagnetic waves therapeutic apparatus  (hereinafter referred to as Bio-spectrum device and TDP device) were used to  treat 60 cases of degenerative osteoarthritis.
Results: the marked effective  rate and effect rate of bio-spectrum treating the degenerative osteoarthritis is  20% and 63.3% respectively, and that of TDP device is 16.7% and 63.3%  respectively.
Conclusions: Bio-spectrum device and TDP device are all  effective to treat degenerative osteoarthritis, while although there is certain  difference in total effective rate of the two methods of treatment, although  there are always differences in efficiency, it not yet significant.

[Key  words]Bio-spectrum Treatment Device, TDP Device, degenerative osteoarthritis  

1 General Information  

60 cases of degenerative  osteoarthritis were confirmed by the orthopedic examination and radiography. The  affected part is the knee joint or foot bones, randomly distributed into  bio-spectrum device group and TDP group.

Bio-spectrum device group has  30 patients, 20 males and 10 females, ages ranging from 46 to 74 with an average  age of 63.4 years old. 23 of them suffer in the knee joint injury, 7 patients in  foot bone injury. Duration of sickness is 3 months to 10 years.
TDP group of  30 patients, 16 males and 14 females, ages ranging from 58 to 79 with an average  age of 65.4 years old. 26 of them suffer in the knee joint injury, 4 patients in  foot bone injury. Duration of sickness 6 months to 12 years.
The average  duration of the above cases is 6.5 years. By X2 test to the two groups in age,  duration and frequency, there was no significant differences.  

2 Treatment

2.1 The main parameters:  WS Bio-spectrum treatment device is developed by the Institute of Yunnan  Biomedical Engineering, the treatment dose is shown by the voltage value,  maximum output voltage of 220V ± 10%, the maximum power consumption is less than  1000W, 50-60Hz frequency . Department of special electromagnetic therapeutic  apparatus developed by Chongqing Silicate Research Institute, the main spectral  range of 2 ~ 25μm, the power density 32mW/cm2 (from the irradiator 30cm), power  supply voltage 50Hz, 220V.

2.2 Method: Patient was  supine or sitting position, the treated area exposed, from spectrum head 20cm,  appropriate dose to the patient is that they feels comfortable and warm for the  degree, 30min each time, once a day, 10days for a course, a continuous treatment  for 2 courses. The irradiated distance of TDP is 30cm, dose and treatment is as  above.

2.3 Clinical criteria2.3.1  symptoms: pain, numbness, stiffness have a serious impact on life, work, study  is "++++", significantly affect "+++", have mild impact "++", minor impact "+"  no impact "-."

2.3.2 Objective  examination: the limited range of motion, joint swelling, muscle atrophy and  spasm of the surrounding grade: shape, function loss of 3 / 4 "++++", loss of 1  / 2: "+ + ", loss of 1 / 4" + ", generally normal to" - ".

2.3.3 Effective: symptoms  and objective tests were reduced, "++" above; progress: the symptoms were  reduced with the objective examination "+" above; invalid: symptoms and  objective examination "+" number of the same or only reduce symptoms "+."  

3 Results 

  Shown in Table 1,  spectrum device and TDP are effective to degenerative osteoarthritis.  


Number of cases


Significant effect


No effect

spectrum device


2 (6.7)

4 (14.3)

19 (63.3)

5 (16.7)




5 (16.7)

19 (63.3)

6 (20)

Note: ( ) effective rate  
Spectrum device Group: 30 cases were cured in 2 cases, marked effect in 4  cases, progress in 19 cases, no effect 5 cases, the recovery rate (2 / 30) 6.7%;  marked effective rate of (4 / 30) 14.3%; effective rate (25/30) 83.3%.
TDP  device group: 30 cases, effective rate of 5 cases .progressive in 19 cases, no  effect 6 cases, marked effective rate of (5 / 30) 16.7%; effective rate (24/30)  80%.It has differences in efficiency, but no significant.

4 Discussion

The effect of using  spectrum treat the degenerative osteoarthritis is positive. Similar to other  physiotherapy treatment reported in literatures, we use the bio-spectrum to  treat the disease, and the effective rate is better than TDP. This could be the  result of the functions of Zhoulin Bio-spectrum Treatment Device, which can  adjust the inflow and outflow of the microcirculation, especially improve the  function of micro venous exudation and lymph drainage, reduce the nerve  excitability and interfere the conduction of pain impulse in an ionic or  molecular level.

Degenerative  osteoarthritis’ prevalence is increase by ageing. Drugs are not effective for  these patients and often cause significant side effects. It will be malnutrition  and reduced functional activity without drugs. Because of the reduction of the  sympathetic nervous system regulation and nutrition skills of the elderly and  the shortage of blood supply, it is significant to develop the disease, so the  point of using physical factors is to reduce or eliminate disease risk factor  and increase metabolism to speedup the healing process.

As far as we know, atoms  and molecules which build up human organs is Vibrating at certain frequency,  which is also a comprehensive power field, and the frequency of this power field  and spectrum is known as the "bio-spectrum". The bio-spectrum device as an  external vibration source provide a certain frequency spectrum to simulate the  human body's natural frequency of vibration, to maximize the healing effect, it  direct irradiate the affected area, through the nerves system to achieve  resonance, and the result of resonance produce "internal heat effect" and a  series of biochemical reactions, which make the athological oscillations into  Harmonious physiological oscillations, so as to balance immune system, to  provide better microcirculation on lesions, to promote metabolism, to enhance  tissue regeneration, which has positive functions on the degenerative  osteoarthritis .


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