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Treatment Method:
Irradiated  area: affected area
Irradiated times and duration: two times daily, 30 min.  each time


Case study and thesis 



Effect of Bio-spectrum Treatment Device on Pediatric Recurrent  Parotitis

Zhongyi Zhang, Ruiyun Su, Songling Wang
Beijing  Stomatological Hospital
Yan Zang, Beijing Children’s Hospital


Pediatric recurrent parotitis is one type of chronic purulent  parotitis. Since it has long course and bad curative effect, it is a difficult  clinical problem. We used Bio-Spectrum Treatment Device (BST Device) to treat  the disease and obtained satisfactory efficacy. The results are summarized as  follows.



62 cases were confirmed as  recurrent parotitis, among which there were 35 males and 27 females. Their ages  ranged from 2.5 to 14 years old (an average of 6.5). Among them, 36 cases were  affected in bilateral parotid glands and 26 in unilateral one. All of the  patients had swelling in the affected parotid gland region. 6 cases were  accompanied with pain, 13 with fever and 8 with purulent secretion when the tube  of the glands were oppressed. The attacks lasted for 7-14 days each time, and  relapsed average 2-3 times every year.

The patients were divided  at random into two groups:
Group1: 30cases were treated with iodized oil  roentgenograph adjunct with traditional Chinese medicine and antibiotics.  

Group2: 32 cases were  treated with BST Device (WS- 311), one time a day, 40-min a session and 7 days  as a course. The distance from the BST Device to the irradiated regions was  20~40cm.


Criteria for efficacy  appraisal:
Remarkably effective: Symptoms and signs disappeared.  
Effective: Symptoms and signs were improved.
Ineffective: Symptoms and  signs were not improved.

Table 1 Efficacies of  the two groups

Remarkably effective (%)

Effective (%)

Ineffective (%)


Group 1

2 ( 6.7)




Group 2

17 (53.1)*




*: P<0.05, compared with group 1.  

Follow-up visit (Table  2)

After BST treatment,  3cases recurred 3 months later; 4 cases recurred 6 months later; and 1 case  recurred 9 months later.

After iodized oil  roentgenograph adjunct with Chinese-Western drug treatment: 6 cases recurred 3  months later, 11 cases recurred 6 months later, 8 cases recurred 9 months later  and 15 cases did not recurred.

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